The Three different solar panels in India lets looks different types of solar panels and there general information. Crystalline panels are the most common use from solar panels. They are in black and blue panels with a thick layer of glass over them are mounted on an aluminum frame from few centimeters from the surface of the roof.

  • Mono crystalline : – Mono crystalline solar panels use thin layer from single silicon crystals which is grown for this exact purpose as their semiconductor. They do not mixed up with silicon and give them a uniform look. This also makes them most efficient types of solar panels in Gujarat. As this mono crystalline solar panels are may be most expensive but they will also produce the most electricity.
  •  Polycrystalline : – polycrystalline use cuts of different silicon crystals melted down into the mould to form their semiconductor. Polycrystalline panels seem to the blue look due to various pieces reflecting the light. Polycrystalline is less expensive and slightly less efficient. Development of crystalline technology is used to mono crystalline and polycrystalline solar system having a very similar thing.
  •  Thin-film solar panels : –  The Thin-film solar panel is latest technology as compared to crystalline panels. Thin films solar panels utilize an amazingly thin layer of amorphous silicon as their semiconductor this technique makes the panels over thinner. Thin film panels can be more adaptable and more effectively mounted into variety of surface. They can also work in the low light and shady condition. Thin film solar panel is cheaper as compared to crystalline panels.