What is meaning of Solar panels

A board invents to absorb the sun beams as source of energy for producing electricity or heating is known as solar panels. Solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Large number of solar cells spread over a large area which work together to provide enough power to use. The solar panels which looks like a wings. The more light that hits a cell the more you will get electricity.

Solar panels do not respond to all forms of artificial light because solar cell pick up energy from most color in visible light spectrum as well as some kind of infrared light and solar cell need a certain level of brightness in order to produce useful amount of electricity.

Working principle of Solar panels

Grace Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat will show you the some different way working principle of Solar panels.  Inside solar cells you have two thin layer of Silicon crystal place on the top of each other to make a sort of silicon. The top layer has been extraordinarily treated so that its praticles are insecure as we there will be excessive number of electrons that might truly want to dispose of.  The base layer has likewise been dealt with now this is time the particular have  a couple discharge spaces that could truly do with electron to fill them. The top layer loses a couple of electrons and the base layer is disparate to pick up a couple of that electron, the electrons themselves are tingling to move from the top layer to the base. This all setup the main thing is delivered the electricity.

The sunlight hits on the top silicon layer it energizes the electrons and gives them enough energy to move. The electrons start to spill out of the top layer of the base. When a group of the electron begins to move along in a similar course we have power.  Two metals contacts to either side of the silicon and we have electricity moving through the circuit.

Advantages of solar panels:-

  • Help you save on your electricity bill: –some of your energy need with the electricity your solar system has generated your electricity bill will drop. The amount of money on your electricity bill will be reliant on the measure of solar system and your power or heat usage. Not only you will save electricity bill but if you are not using the electricity then surplus will be exported back to the grid and you will receive benefits.
  • Low maintenance cost: –The solar system doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You need to keep them clean so cleaning them a couple of time per year its good job as we see that Grace is gives 20-25 years of warranty. There are no moving parts from one place to another. There is only one part called inverter that you need to change on every 5-10 years after because it’s a part which have to convert solar energy to electricity energy.
  • Environmentally friendly: –Generally we see that solar energy does not generally cause pollution. Because as compared to other when electricity is generated from fossil fuels. No any other things like dust and all will be generated from this machine and no noise pollution
  • Technology improves: –Technology is advanced are constantly being made in the design and manufacture of solar energy equipment’s. Grace the solar power company constantly advancing and improvement will depth in future.