What is Inverter

Direct current electricity is converted to usable AC electricity through a device called Inverter.

Inverters are an important part of any solar installation they are the brains of the system. As inverter main job is to convert DC power created by the sunlight by the solar array into usable AC control its part is just growing. Inverters empower checking so installers and proprietors can perceive how a framework is performing. Inverters can likewise give demonstrative data to help. These essential segments are progressively going up against basic leadership and control capacities to help enhance stability and efficiency. With the growth of solar inverter are also taking on responsibility for battery management here is look at some different type of solar inverter.

Single Phase Inverter

Single phase electricity is used to transmit and distribute electricity. Depending on where you live and how much electricity you consume your home will be fitted out with single phase inverter. The grace provides DC-AC single phase inverter is specially designed to work with power optimizers. As the single phase inverter panel level is MPPT and voltage management are handle separately for every module by power optimizer the inverter is charge of DC to AC reversal. As DC optimized inverter single phase is also manage batter level and energy.


  • More cost effective
  • Less complicated
  • 25 year warranty
  • No maintenance cost
single phase inverter

Three Phase Inverter

The grace three phase inverter provide end to end solar power. Three phase inverter working with the maximize power generation within residential, commercial and maximum number of pv system. The fixed voltage technology guarantees the solar inverter is continually working at its ideal information voltage paying little quantity of modules in a string or the environmental condition. 3 phase solar inverter do have some benefits but they also come at a higher cost compared to single phase inverter due to higher cost you really want to make sure that you’re going to benefit from the greater expense.


  • Excellent reliable and having 20 years warranty
  • Superior efficiency
  • No maintenance cost
  • Small and easy to install

Micro Inverter

Micro inverters are also becoming a popular choice for residential and commercial installation. Micro inverters are module level electronics so one is installed on each panel so unlike power optimization which does not conversion Micro inverters convert DC power to AC right at the panel and so does not require any other inverter. Micro inverters are also monitor the performance of each individual panel. Micro Inverter is good for installation with shading issues or with panels on multiple panels facing various directions. The systems which have micro inverter can be more efficient. Micro inverter where panel level is MPPT.

Advantages of Micro Inverters

  • Typically have longer warranties than string inverters. The micro inverter has up to 25 years when are integrated with solar panels.
  • They are nice option to choose because complicated roofs that faces in all direction.
  • They allow you to monitor the performance of individual solar panels
  • They change over DC power to AC power more efficiently than other inverter and help to maximize add up to nearby solar system power production.