Grace is an pioneer in solar panels for warehouse in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Grace has constructed many of warehouse solar panels using latest technology. We have experience expert which are having in –depth technical knowledge require designing, plan construct obtain and maintain solar panel for warehouse from first to end.

Warehouses typically have large areas of unutilized roof top space. The working of the warehouse is highly depends upon the heavily on diesel power. As Warehouse consume a lot of diesels for power generation which reduce up to 15% of your diesel bill. As there are some advantages for warehouse as few points are taken in to consideration before planning for the installation of the roof top solar panels. As for the guide if you want Grace provides you free consultation for all greenhouse solar panels systems.

Advantages of solar panels for warehouse

  • Cost effective solar power as compared to other
  • Solar panels for warehouse have no moving part and having warranty of 25 years.
  • A solar panel for warehouse have very little maintenance
solar panels for warehouses