Solar PV Module

Solar pv module Utilize cells containing a semi-conductor materials to catch the sun energy and change over solar-oriented radiation into power. The most utilized semi-conductor materials are silicon which is inexhaustible regular asset found in sand this is mean by solar pv module.

Components of Solar PV Module

A pv system components include pv module which are commonly called pv panels at least one batteries a charge controller for a remain solitary system. An inverter to convert solar power from direct current to the alternating current AC of the utility grid connected system, wiring and mounting hardware or the framework. A PV module arranges individual pv cells and the modules are assembled together in a array. The cost of Solar pv module is highly depends upon on the time, place of your panels and installation.

Advantages of Solar PV Module

  • PV panels provide clean green energy. During the electricity generation with pv panels there is no harmful to entirely environment.
  • Solar energy is supplied by nature so it is totally free and abundant.
  • Operating and maintenance costs of solar pv module are thought to be low practically negligible contrasted with costs of other renewable sources of energy system.
  • Utilizing solar power helps lower your electric bills because you are generating some of the electricity you use.
  • As solar pv module is easy to install for residential because its install on roof top or on the ground without any interference to residential lifestyle.
  • Solar pv module is are totally silent producing no noise at all so it is perfect for the residential people.
  • The cost of solar pv module in India is very effective as compared to other.
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Solar Photovoltaic Module

Grace is a one of pioneer for manufacture solar photovoltaic module in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Grace manufactures this solar photovoltaic module by our highly professional team by using good quality and latest technology. Solar photovoltaic module does not require bright sunlight in order to operate meaning that you can still generate electricity on cloudy days however in general the greater the intensity of light higher flow of electricity. The used for residential, farm , commercial areas etc.

A complete system includes different components that should be selected taking into consideration as you need site location, climate and expectation. As given below the explanations of the elements used in solar photovoltaic module.

Elements used by Grace in Solar photovoltaic module

There are some elements used for solar photovoltaic module like

  • Solar panels Tiles: – we can say that it’s in heart of the solar photovoltaic modules. Which convert sunlight instantly into DC electric power.
  • Inverters: – Inverter convert the DC current produced by the solar panels into AC current which is then fed into the electricity supply for the use in the home. Whenever
  • Battery: – Battery stores energy when there is an excess coming in and distribute it back out when there is demand. Solar photovoltaic modules continue to re-charge batteries each day to maintain battery charges.
  • Generation meters: –The utility power is automatically provided at night and during the day when the demand exceeds your solar electric power production.