What is mono solar panel

Mono crystalline solar panels use thin layer from single silicon crystals which is grown for purpose as their semiconductor. A mono crystal can be identified from the solar cells which all appear as single flat color. A mono crystalline solar cell is dark black color. Mono solar panels are superior then pv solar panels. Mono solar panels is an oldest and most developed in the latest technology as the name only suggests that it single crystal structure. The rate of monocrystalline is efficient in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Pros of Mono Solar panels

  • Mono crystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates since mono solar panels are made out of highest grade silicon.
  • Mono solar panel are space efficient since these solar panels yields the highest power outputs they also require least amount of space compared to any other types.
  • Mono solar panels produce more electricity per square foot of space used in array.
  • It has long life span.
  • Grace solar panel manufacture put 25 years warranty on their mono crystalline solar panels
Mono Solar Panel