Meaning of Rooftop solar plant

A roof top solar plant is a photovoltaic framework that has its power creating solar panels boards mounted on the roof top of a residential, commercial or industrial structure.

The roof top solar plants are used in Residential, commercial and industrial application depending upon which application you are choosing of solar system. The cost of roof top solar plants in India is around 4-5 lakhs. A typical roof top solar plant contains set of batteries and inverter along with the modules of solar pv cells. The overall efficiency of the system will also depends on the type of battery and inverter used in this system and it’s important to choose right component use of solar pv system. The batteries should be located in a space that is easy to reach, well-ventilated and protected from extreme weather.

Advantages of Roof top solar plant

  • Rooftop solar plants is a great step towards climate changes
  • Solar panels boards add to green economy’
  • Solar power is efficient
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Solar panel have zero out flow.
rooftop solar plant