What is solar energy system?

Solar energy system means as energy obtained from the suns radiation. Solar energy can be said to be renewable source of energy. As solar energy system used in new technologies like solar heater, solar thermal energy, solar photovoltaic etc. many more.

Working of Solar energy System

The Grace shows us some easy steps working of solar energy system.

solar energy system
  • Photovoltaic pv solar boards which contains number of solar cells. The solar cell which is made of silicon. They are developed with positive layer to negative layer which together make an electric field much the same as in a battery. When this is continuing that time the transmitters are appended to the positive and negative sides of a cell its shapes an electrical circuit and the point when electrons moves through such a circuits and solar energy is generated.
  • The solar inverter takes the DC electricity from the solar rays and used that create AC electricity. As the main part of the solar energy system is Inverter. Along with inverting DC to AC power they also provide ground fault protections including voltage and current AC and DC circuits’ energy production and maximum power point tracking.
  • The AC electricity is send from the inverter to your electrical panels to the power your light and appliances with solar energy.
  • And then the utility meter measure the source of energy use. It’s actually goes backward when your system generates more power than you immediately need to excess solar energy and can be used at night also.
  • One of the advantages of using power guide monitoring system continuously tracks your energy production and ensures that your solar energy system is working smoothly and alerts us if any problems arise.

Advantages of Solar Energy System

  • Solar energy causes no pollution
  • Solar energy makes absolutely no noise at all.
  • Very small amount of maintenance is needed to keep solar cells running as there no other moving part from one place to another which makes damage to them.
  • Solar energy system saves your money.
  • Residential solar energy systems are easy to install on rooftops.
  • Solar energy is supplied by the nature so it’s free.
  • It can applied anywhere but there should be sunlight
  • The grace gives you warranty of 25 years in solar energy system and last forever.