What is a solar PPA?

First the full form of PPA means power purchase agreement. Power purchase agreement is a financial agreement where the developer will arrange for the design, permitting, financing and installation of the solar energy system on a customer property at no cost. The developer sells the power generated to host customer at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the local utility retails rate. The PPA commonly go from 10 to 25 years and engineer remains responsible for the operation of the agreement the PPA is on contract term towards end client may able to extend the PPA have the developer remove the system or choose to buy the solar energy system from developer. The price of solar ppain India is paid each period for each kilowatt hour of energy.

solar project ppa

How does ppa work?

With a solar ppa you do not own the solar system on your home. You buy electricity from a company which own the panels sitting on your roof and after the Solar ppa company will call third party financing firm which do not technically install the solar system but contract with local solar installation companies to put pv on your roof . The both financing and installation that handles by company.

Service Package

With Grace solar PPA we install your system for free and take care of its entire length of our agreement.

  • System monitoring: –We constantly monitor your system performance to ensure it running smoothly. If problems arise our expert team will notified and get back soon to you
  • Repair services:-we are having latest equipment and technology to take care of all repair services at no cost.
  • Insurance Coverage:-we provide you all insurance protection against damage.
  • 24X7 supports: –we are 24X7 online customer supports.

Benefits of Using Grace solar project PPA

  • 0% capital Investment: – There normally no upfront cost required in going into solar PPA.
  • Limited risk: –The developer is responsible for the system and operating risk.
  • Reduce power cost: –Lower electricity bills from day one and increasingly costs effective as fossil fuel based electricity get increasingly expensive.
  • No maintenance cost: –There will be no maintenance cost because according to the plan the developers have to maintain it.
  • Fully transferable: –The ppa contract can be exchanged to new user should you move to new premises later on.
  • Free solar PV system: – The system is fully funded by third party asset investor.