Grace is a pioneer for the installation of solar panels for factories in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Grace has completed many projects for the solar panels for factories. Solar powered factories typically have a rooftop space which can be allotted for the establishment of solar based PV boards. Grace It can meet a rate of electricity that can be used in the factory. Solar electricity provides added values especially in case of factories as it can balance top utilization. The reason for setting up the boards on the housetop is that it keeps away from the necessity of extra land.

Factories can include various procedures under one roof like manufacturing, packing, repairing, maintaining, testing, preparing putting them etc. As we see that factories need high rate of both electricity and heat energy and consume a great deal of diesel for power generation. Solar pv helps to your diesel power bills also. Solar panels is helpful for the factories on different ways like

  • Use of solar pv panels to meet the power requirement of the factory.
  • Employee of solar system to satisfy the heat required for the factory.

There are some features:

  • Higher saving
  • No much maintenance cost
  • No noise
solar panels for factories