In the modern era renewable energy markets mature, renewable investors are looking towards the new markets for their next source of growth. Grace is the brand name flourished in the global market as the leading manufacturer of Solar Panel in India and supplier of Solar Panel globally. Our offered solar photovoltaic generation has great potential and has been the most attractive renewable energy source amongst the Southeast Asian nations.

Maximum annual solar radiation levels in the region ranges from 1,460 to 1,900 kWh/m2/per year. Further the growth prospects are great in the Asian countries with a combination of fast-growing economies with resulting investment in manufacturing, transportation and energy infrastructure, rapid growth in electricity demand and good solar resource. One of the main reasons behind this is that solar technology is becoming more affordable and popular with each passing day. We are a leading manufacturer of the solar panel system that has established a strong niche in the Asian Countries. Grace is actively present and develops business in many countries of the Asian Continent.