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Grace is one of the pioneer and leading manufacture company of innovative solar tracking system in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our expert which design, monitoring and control the process made us nicely of renewable source of energy.

What is solar tracking system?

Solar tracking system means direct solar panels or modules towards the sun. This solar tracking system which change their introduction for the whole duration of the day and to take after the sun to amplify energy capture. Solar tracking is oriented toward the sun for more sunlight and it’s attached with the solar panels. There are mainly two types of tracking system is there.

What is an advantage of Solar tracking system?

  • Trackers generate more electricity than their stationary counter parts it’s highly increase according to the geographical location of the tracking system.
  • As there are different types of the solar tracking system like single axis, dual axis which one is suitable for your job site? Size location, weather, electrical requirement all the thing is necessary to be checked for the installation for solar tracking system.
  • Long term maintenance is concern for the solar tracking system.
solar tracking system

Why solar tracking is necessary learn from Grace?

Solar tracking is necessary because its beneficial and recommended is dependent on various factors including weather, location, obstruction and cost. The solar tracker which makes solar panels 35% more efficient that means more power can be generated with less space.