The energy is utilized to heat water or other different liquids can likewise control power solar cooling system this known as solar water heater.

Working of solar water heater

solar water heater system includes storage tanks and solar collectors. As most of solar water heater requires as a well-insulated storage tanks. Solar storage tanks have an additional outlet and inlet connected to and from collectors. As there are three types of solar collectors are used for residential applications.

  • Flat-plate collectors: – Coated level plate collectors are protected, weather proofed boxes that contains a dim safeguard plate. Under at least one glass or plastic covers. Coated level plates normally utilized for sunlight based pool warming have dull safeguard plate made up of metal or polymer without a cover.
  • Integral collectors-storage system:-It also known as ICS batch system they features one or more dark tanks or tubes in a protected coated box. Cold water initially goes through the sunlight based authority which preheats the water. The water at a points proceeds to the ordinary reinforcement water warmer giving a dependable wellspring of heated water.
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors:-They include parallel lines of straight forward glass tubes. Each tube contains a glass external tube and metal safeguard tube appended to a balance. The balance covering retains sunlight based energy but inhibits radiates heat loss.


As there are two types of solar water heating system are there

  • Active
  • Passive
solar water heater

Advantages of solar water heater

  • The first thing is that you are using free energy. As solar energy is free and abundant.
  • Less expensive to introduce that sun oriented pv panels. Since you just need 2-3 boards. For the average household establishment the cost may be 80,000 starting rate in India.
  • You can save money fuel bills and on a current gas warming framework.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Relatively good payback period in average between 5-15 years.