Solar Water Pump Manufacturer

Grace is a pioneer for solar water pump manufacture in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is a state of art technology product designed to provide ecofriendly and energy efficient solution. A solar water pump has mini power house at its consists. A solar water pump has capable of 1000 Wp of drawing and pumping approximately 40,000 liters of water per day. The solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps with application varying from irrigation to household demands.

Features of Solar water pump manufacture

  • One of industry most advanced solar water pump system with very high energy efficiency for long life.
  • These systems are to a great degree strong and can withstand substantial climate conditions.
  • One of the main solar water pump system which can monitor from anywhere around the world using Grace
  • Our solar water pumps are some of industry best quality boards which supplement our technology with its strength and long life.
solar pump manufacturer

Solar Powered Pump Manufacturer

Grace is pioneer for solar powered pump manufacture in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A solar powered pump is pump powered by solar energy. A solar powered pump that required in some cases some other items like inverter, batteries etc. we can say that solar powered pumps are like traditional electric pump with the only exception that is uses solar energy instead of fossil fuel or electricity.

A solar powered pump can be introduced even in remote place where electricity is not available and diesel is difficult. A solar powered pump does not require any outer power to supply and rather create electricity for its own utilization. The solar power pump deal with the solar cluster, expanding the quantity of panels in some case may increase the number of hours that pump can operate or increase the output of water during lower levels also. As Grace is using highly quality equipment’s and latest technology to develop solar powered pump. The whole process of solar power system is tested first and then is they are given to the clients.

Features of solar powered pump

  • Cost effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Low maintenance solution

Solar Submersible Ac Water Pump

Grace is a pioneer for solar submersible ac water pump manufacture in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is a state of art technology the product designed to provide eco-friendly and energy efficient solution. A submersible ac water pump are typically used for deep well pumping, home water system, ponds etc. many more. They can operate directly off solar panels batteries or a combination of the two and in some cases. Browse our selection solar pumps of submersible ac water pump from our top brands.

 Our solar submersible ac water pump dual mode operation can be operating on electric power at night and solar power at day time. Our solar submersible ac water pump which is higher efficiency, higher life cycle, higher temperature and over voltage security.  The solar submersible ac water pump is no need of preparing since the pump itself is located deep inside water.

Solar Submersible Dc Water Pump

Grace is a pioneer for solar submersible DC water pump manufacture and supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With the help of our expert team we designed to provide energy efficient solution with latest technology and finest quality equipment. AD water pump has a motor which operates on direct current. Solar panels generate DC current which is then generate DC current which is passed on DC pump motor through a controller. Since the current solar panels of batteries are straight forward utilize and no transformation to AC is required there is no little loss of power between generation and utilization. Our expert first check and note that the current should not have traveled a long distance before being fed to the pump in order to minimize losses.

Advantages of using solar Submersible DC water pump.

  • Higher water discharge as compared to AC pumps
  • No need of inverter between the solar PV panels and the pump.

Solar Irrigation Pump Manufacturer

Grace is a manufacturer and supplier of solar irrigation pump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With the help of expert team we provide highly quality and developed with latest technology. As solar irrigations pump is based water treatments system for portable water for rural area without any power. This pump is available for both AC and DC pumps. A solar powered irrigation pump consists of one or more solar panels.

Advantages of solar Irrigations pump

  • Help in energy saving
  • There is no fuel cost as it can be used as free of sunlight
  • It is highly reliable and durable
  • It is also used for clean drinking water
  • It is good for farmer by increasing no of crops.