Grace is pioneer for manufacture of solar street light in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Solar Street light are raised light sources which are controlled by photovoltaic sheet for the most part mounted on the lighting structure solidified into the pole itself. These lights works on the principle of consuming solar energy during daytime and providing at night dark. This is highly illumination these light are ideals for street road and remote areas. The grace offers 6 w solar street lights from India.

Working principle of Solar street light

The solar street light work on the principle of solar cells or PV cells to absorb the solar energy in the day time. The PV cells Convert solar energy to the electrical energy. The converted solar energy is stored the battery and solar street light use solar energy. Now days solar street light are available beside the roads at night time the lamp start automatically and its uses electrical which is stored in the battery. This process continues for every day. Solar PV cells are most essential parts for solar street light.

The system design of solar street light is

  • Solar panels
  • LED light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Controller
  • Pole
  • Interconnecting cable
solar street light